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Ambras or Hypertrichosis Syndrome: Ambras Syndrome Treatment,Causes,Symptoms

Ambras or Hypertrichosis Syndrome: Ambras Syndrome Treatment,Causes,Symptoms: Ambras syndrome, also known as hypertrichosis, is associated with excessive hair growth. There are two types of Ambras syndrome – congenital and acquired. The congenital form of the disease is extreme rare and is always present at birth. Acquired Ambras syndrome develops after birth and is often associated […]

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Alstrom Syndrome Life Expectancy & Diagnosis,Treatment,Symptoms

Alstrom Syndrome Life Expectancy & Diagnosis,Treatment,Symptoms: Alstrom Syndrome is a very rare inherited disease that can lead to blindness, deafness, diabetes, and obesity. Alstrom syndrome is an autosomal recessive hereditary disease. This means that a person must inherit a copy of the defective gene from both parents. Extremely rare, but more common in Holland and […]

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Alagille syndrome,alagille,alagille syndrome symptoms,alagille syndrome life expectancy,alagille syndrome symptoms,

Alagille Syndrome Life Expectancy, Information, Symptoms, Treatment & Causes

What is Alagille syndrome? Alagille Syndrome Life Expectancy, Information, Symptoms, Treatment & Causes: Alagille syndrome (English Alagille syndrome) is a rare genetic disease that is characterized by abnormalities of the hepatobiliary system and other malformations. The disease has an autosomal dominant mode of inheritance. The disease is characterized by an insufficient number or small diameter […]

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Stevens johnson syndrome Treatment, Causes, Signs Diagnosis & Pictures

Stevens johnson syndrome Treatment, Causes, Signs Diagnosis & Pictures: Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is an acute bullous lesion of mucous membranes and skin of an allergic nature. It proceeds against the background of the serious condition of the patient with the involvement of the oral mucosa, eyes and urinary organs. Diagnosis of Stevens-Johnson syndrome includes a thorough […]

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Budd Chiari syndrome, budd chiari, chiari syndrome, budd chiari disease, arnold chiari syndrome, budd chiari syndrome symptoms, budd chiari malformation, budd chiari syndrome life expectancy, budd chiari syndrome pictures, budd chiari syndrome diagnosis, budd chiari symptoms, define budd chiari syndrome, budd chiari syndrome treatment, budd chiari syndrome causes, chiari syndrome symptoms, chiari budd syndrome, types budd chiari syndrome, budd chiari like syndrome, management budd chiari syndrome, cause budd chiari syndrome,

Budd Chiari Syndrome life expectancy, Treatment, Symptoms & Causes

Budd Chiari Syndrome life expectancy, Treatment, Symptoms & Causes: Badd-Chiari Syndrome disease is called an obstruction (obstruction, thrombosis) of the veins supplying the liver in the area of their fusion with the inferior vena cava. Such vascular occlusion is caused by primary or secondary causes: congenital anomalies, acquired thrombosis and vascular inflammation (endophlebitis) and leads […]

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Wolf Hirschhorn Syndrome Treatment, disease, Symptoms, prognosis

MAIN SYMPTOMS: Abnormal lung development, Long distance between eyes, Cleft palate, Lower limbs hypotrophy, Placental hypotrophy, Deformation of the ears, Delayed psychomotor development, Growth delay in a child, Cleft lip, Strabismus, Mental retardation, No speech, Bone pathologies, Spinal pathologies, Flat face, Cardiac pathology, Reduced fetal movement, Difficulty walking, Impairment of hearing, Wide nose Wolf Hirschhorn […]

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Congenital Generalized lipodystrophy, lipodystrophy definition, dunnigan lipodystrophy, lipodystrophy hiv, lipodystrophy causes,

Congenital Generalized lipodystrophy Defination, Treatment, Causes, Hiv, dunnigan

Congenital Generalized lipodystrophy Defination, Causes, Hiv, dunnigan: Congenital generalized lipodystrophy is a group of heterogeneous hereditary diseases that unite metabolic disturbances in adipose tissue up to its complete atrophy. The symptoms of this condition are the disappearance of the subcutaneous fat in most parts of the body, black acanthosis of skin folds, and diabetes. Some […]

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