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how to know depression symptoms | Solve seasonal depression: Many people say that depression is difficult to cure because its pathogens are derived from psychology. As the saying goes, heart disease is also a cure. how to know depression symptoms | Solve seasonal depression.  Yes, people with depression are basically under pressure, and then they don’t know how to relax. They slowly start to isolate themselves and close themselves and finally form a depression. The following paragraph is a personal experience of a friend, let’s take a look. how to know depression symptoms | Solve seasonal depression.

My Journey to End Depression:

I have had depression for 17 years. I saw a TV show about depression in 2006 and I knew I had depression. I was a little excited at the time, and finally, I knew where my problem was. On TV, I said that it is good to treat depression for two years. At that time, I felt that I had to take care of myself without taking medicine. I should be able to cure myself in two or three months. Depression then starts exercising in a variety of ways.

Later, I read a lot of postings, videos, and news about depression on the Internet. I realized that it is not so simple to treat depression. It may be cured if it is mild. If it is severe, I may have to eat it even if it is cured. For a lifetime, the cause of depression is still a mystery. There is no effective way to treat depression. The more difficult I feel, the more I have to accept the challenge. I will treat my depression as the biggest goal of my life. There are many people who study depression. I feel that my condition is not worse than others. Only people with depression can understand the feeling of depression. My body with severe depression is the best laboratory.

I will come up with various methods to experiment with myself. Some methods practice for a few days, and some methods have to be practiced for a few months to know if there is any effect. In this way, continuous failures and continuous training, after a method fails, will think of another method, rarely interrupted. My methods are all based on my own experience. I will not imitate other people’s methods. If others’ methods are effective, depression will be cured. So my method will definitely be different from others. As long as I find a useful method, I will experiment with myself. In order to treat depression, I can give up if I can give up, I can drag it if I can, I can’t work if I can’t work, and I should try my best to treat myself with depression.

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I am very hardworking, very persistent, very confident, always telling myself that I can cure my depression for two or three months, and then I have been insisting for eight years. Now I am basically sure that my depression.

is good, I am easy to fall asleep, I can feel myself, I can stabilize myself, I can control depression, I can control my fantasy, I can solve negative emotions. Here are my methods and my understanding of depression. ‘how to know depression symptoms | Solve seasonal depression’

The cause of depression and the reasons:

In order to better understand depression, one can be divided into reality yourself and fantasy yourself. The objects around you are realistic, such as walls, windows, your own body, and so on. All brain thinking behaviors are classified as illusions, such as thinking, anxiety, inferiority, self-blame and so on. People have a rule, when we feel imaginary, we can’t feel real, and when we feel really, we stop imagining. For example, when we concentrate on fantasy, we will not feel realistic objects. When we concentrate on realizing real objects, we will not fantasize. So we can control fantasy and emotion by feeling the reality of ourselves.

In life, we may have excessive thinking because of certain things or pressures. When this kind of excessive thinking becomes a habit, we will feel unbalanced about ourselves, and we will feel more and more about ourselves. Feel less and less. Really, you rarely get feelings and exercise and become vulnerable, sensitive, and nervous. Until one day I fin

d that it is difficult for me to control my own fantasy and emotions, I will control myself through fantasy, and fantasy control will increase my brain’s thinking. The brain constantly thinks about things, does not relax, and makes you feel tired and depressed. This may lead to depression for a period of time. Excessive cranky thoughts will also produce a lot of negative emotions. If these negative emotions are not solved in time, long-term accumulation will affect their emotional expression. Negative or positive emotions in the body are not vented and expressed. If you lie in the body for a long time, it will cause us to have physical pain, depression, expression, and communication. In the end, I will fall into such a cycle: I can’t control the fantasies of the brain, I have too many fantasies, and when the brain is not relaxed, I feel tired and depressed. Low mood will make you feel numb, your fantasies will be reduced, your brain will be relaxed, then your mood will be high, and your high mood will make you easy to fantasize. After you imagine, you will feel tired and down, so you can’t let it cycle. I am stable.

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Effects of Depression

1: Thinking Too Much

Most of the time every day is illusory, unable to control it to stop. When you e

encounter small things in your life, you will have fierce fantasies. A thing that hurts you may think of dozens or hundreds of times, causing great harm to yourself, and there are many things like this. Sometimes a thing suddenly appears in my mind. I know that I shouldn’t think about it, I can’t think about it, but it always turns around in my mind, and I can’t control it. I can’t control myself and think about it. After intense fantasies, my emotions will be Lost.

2:  can’t feel the reality of myself

Because of the long-term lack of feeling and exercise, the reality will become fragile, sensitive and tense. These negative emotions are felt when we feel the reality of ourselves. We will not accept and face ourselves, so we are always escaping and disguising. Because you can’t accept the reality yourself, you will shape another one in your fantasy. For example, imagine yourself as a strong, perfect, omnipotent person. You can’t get it in reality, you can’t get it, you will get it in fantasy. Satisfy. Although the imaginary self often feels collapsed because there is no support from the reality, he can no longer accept the reality of himself, he will still regard the illusion of himself as a sustenance. In the end, I can only live in my own fantasy and I can’t extricate myself.

3: Facial depression

Long-term negative emotions are not manifested in the face, the contours are unnatural, the expression is depressed, and the face will feel depressed. It will feel depressed when you touch the face, and you will feel depressed when you smile. Because the face is full of depression, I can’t express the feelings I want to express, I can’t laugh at the natural smile, and I spend a lot of energy every day to control the depression on my face.

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4: Eyes are fragile

Due to the lack of exercise and expression in the negative state of depression and depression for a long time, the eyes will become fragile, sensitive and unstable. In social interaction, I have a great influence on my emotional expression. Many expressions I want to express are because my eyes can’t cooperate, but I can’t express them.

5: Body pain

Because of the long-term stress, pain, grievances, dissatisfaction, venting and dispelling, all of them are in the body, and when they accumulate more, they will feel body pain. “how to know depression symptoms | Solve seasonal depression” The painful parts of each person may be different. I am suffering from neck pain. This kind of pain is not like the pain of pain or pain. I feel pain in my body, I can’t change it, I can’t affect it, I don’t know when I can stop. Come down.

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