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Primary & Secoundry Prevention of Stroke | The Truth About HEALTHY BRAIN

Prevention and Treatment

Primary & Secondary Prevention of Stroke | The Truth About HEALTHY BRAIN: The brain is the main organ that controls the work of everyone else. He is like a general in command of an army called the human body. The brain provides the full functioning of all systems, it allows us to think, feel, lead a full existence and be reasonable. Primary & Secondary Prevention of Stroke | The Truth About HEALTHY BRAIN.  Careful attention to your health involves taking care of it, and the prevention of stroke and heart attack of the brain will allow you to live a long and active life filled with bright events. Primary & Secondary Prevention of Stroke | The Truth About HEALTHY BRAIN


  • What is a stroke
    • Features of stroke depending on the gender of the patient
    • Types of stroke
  • Potential Problems For Stroke Patient
    • Stroke Signs
    • Primary prevention of Stroke
    • Secondary prevention of Stroke
    • Natural Remedies to Prevent Stroke
  • Conclusion

What is a stroke

A stroke is a dramatic disruption of the blood supply to the nerve cells of the brain. This disease is extremely dangerous and can lead to serious health problems, including disability or even death.

Stroke more often happens in the spring, and today this disease happens not only in the elderly.

Features of Stroke Depending on the Gender of the Patient

The following features of the disease can be distinguished depending on the gender:

  • Women are more likely to become ill after 60 years, and men after 40 years.
  • The male body carries the disease more easily than the female. Treatment of stroke in men gives satisfactory results.
  • Men also manage to fully recover more often.
  • Mortality among women who have undergone a seizure is much higher.

Types of Stroke

There are two types of stroke, depending on the source of its occurrence:

  • ischemic
  • Hemorrhagic.

Ischemic Stroke Definition:

An ischemic stroke (also known as a brain infarction) occurs when blood stops flowing through the arteries feeding its brain area. The reasons for this may be:

  • atherosclerotic plaque formation;
  • a detached thrombus that has entered the blood vessels of the brain;
  • drop in blood pressure or the amount of blood pumped by the heart;
  • the formation of blood clots in the vessels of the brain due to its increased viscosity.

Hemorrhagic Stroke Definition:

A hemorrhagic stroke is a hemorrhage in the brain due to a sudden jump in blood pressure. The vessels rupture under such great pressure, and the blood enters the brain. This type of stroke is three times less common than ischemic, but it has much higher mortality rates.

Potential victims of the disease

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Solve Health Issues

There are various direct or indirect causes of heart attack . However, all of them can be attributed to one of three groups of risk factors leading to this ailment. So, these categories are as follows:

  1. predisposing
  2. behavioral
  3. metabolic
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Predisposing Factors of Stroke cannot be corrected. These include the following aspects:

  • age (each person who crosses the threshold of 55 years is automatically at risk);
  • gender (in men after 40 years, the predisposition to stroke increases significantly);
  • predisposition (or heredity).

Behavioral Factors of Stroke involve a person’s lifestyle or actions that can lead to a cerebral infarction. These are:

  • smoking (significantly increases the possibility of disease);
  • depressed psychological state caused by stress, depression or chronic fatigue);
  • alcohol and drugs;
  • taking hormones or contraceptives, especially in women over thirty;
  • overweight;
  • excessive and unreasonable physical activity, for example, in the summer season.

Metabolic risk factors associated with health problems include:

  • hypertension;
  • dyslipidemia;
  • metabolic syndrome;
  • diabetes;
  • coagulopathy.

If we are not able to fight against predisposing factors, then habits and lifestyle can be completely changed, and metabolic factors can be overcome with medication or with the help of folk methods.

Fast Stroke Sign

Usually the harbingers of cerebral infarction are:

  • headache;
  • general malaise;
  • clouding of consciousness for a short time.

Ischemic stroke gains momentum in a few hours, sometimes its development takes several days. Symptoms make themselves felt at night or in the morning, and the state may temporarily return to normal. ischemic stroke patient information is A person turns pale, sometimes cyanosis appears, the sense of smell, hearing, sight, memory can be lost (partially or completely). The sensitivity of the side of the body, which is opposite to the cerebral hemisphere affected by stroke, is partially disturbed. There Are Many Ways For ischemic stroke treatment at home.

Hemorrhagic stroke appears almost like a bolt from the blue. It seems that nothing foreshadows a seizure, there are no anticipatory signals that are suspicious. It happens, as a rule, in the afternoon, when physical and mental loads are highest. You can understand that a seizure has occurred, by sudden changes in body temperature, increased sweating, red complexion, a jump in blood pressure and heavy breathing. Among other indicators of cerebral haemorrhage, the sail symptom can be distinguished when one cheek is inflated during exhalation, as well as an inverted foot. A person has a very bad headache at the time of attack, and he loses consciousness. See Below hemorrhagic stroke treatment nhs.

After a stroke, not everyone is able to survive and recover, so it’s better to prevent it than to deal with serious consequences. To avoid the disease and its unpleasant consequences, you need to know what is the prevention of stroke. ‘Primary & Secondary Prevention of Stroke | The Truth About HEALTHY BRAIN’

Stroke prevention measures are divided into primary and secondary. Primary suggest that the person has not previously encountered the disease, and secondary – that the disease has already affected his brain.

Primary Prevention of Stroke

Primary prevention of stroke is aimed at preventing the occurrence of factors causing the disease and includes:

  • Proper nutrition.
  • Quitting smoking, alcohol and other bad habits.
  • Getting rid of extra pounds and playing sports.
  • Reducing the duration of sleep up to 7 hours, if you are at risk.
  • Psychological balance. Walking through the coniferous forest and contrasting showers in the morning will help maintain pep, and with increased anxiety, irritability, a depressed state, it is better to consult a specialist and not self-medicate or ignore problems.
  • For the prevention of stroke in women, oral contraceptives should be replaced or canceled if you are taking these drugs.
  • Regular blood pressure monitoring. For this it is better to have a blood pressure monitor at home. Automatic device does not require special knowledge and skills and is easy to operate.
  • Treatment of existing cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and other diseases that provoke cerebral infarction.
  • Maintain cholesterol at an acceptable level. To do this, you need to monitor its performance, passing the appropriate tests annually.
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Once again we draw your attention to the fact that prevention of stroke in old age should be an obligatory component of care for the precarious health of pensioners.

It is not a shame to consult a doctor if you, even at an earlier age, believe that you are prone to illness. The doctor will dispel your doubts or advise you to take specific measures to prevent stroke.

Secondary Prevention of Stroke

Secondary prevention of stroke or recurrent stroke is carried out in two directions:

  1. Treatment of a disease leading to impaired blood circulation in the brain.
  2. Eliminate the possibility of a stroke.

It is necessary to treat the cause of a stroke under the supervision of a specialist, who will prescribe the necessary drugs or suggest surgical intervention to eliminate the disease. In any case, you need all the forces to try to exclude the return of the disease, for this you need:

  • Discard all existing bad habits.
  • Observe hypocholesterol diet, involving the use of products that help cleanse the body of cholesterol.
  • Gradually increase physical activity.
  • Get rid of excess weight.
  • Regularly examined by a doctor.

Do not forget that self-medication is extremely dangerous to health. Only a doctor can prescribe or cancel medication. Drugs to avoid the disease are divided into the following groups:

  • antihypertensives, their doctor will advise taking hypertensive patients;
  • antiagreganty – means to prevent the formation of blood clots and vascular blockage;
  • diuretics – for the removal of excess sodium from the body and getting rid of edema.

Natural Remedies to Prevent stroke

Prevention of stroke with natural remedies involves the purification of blood vessels, the restoration of their strength or improvement of blood circulation. The following remedies will help to clear the vessels and lower cholesterol and Also it will help you on How To Maintain a Healthy Brain Function.

  • Infusion of the leaves of dioecious nettle. To do this, in 1 liter of water, add 2 tablespoons of crushed herb leaves, boil for 10 minutes. Next, the broth should be wrapped in a blanket and left overnight to insist. Drink half a glass 3 times a day.
  • The prevention of cholesterol plaque formation is promoted by the use of chanterelle mushrooms. They can be cooked in any way and eat on health.
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But salted herring is fraught with many dangers. A large amount of salt makes any product dangerous to health, especially to people who are at risk of cerebral infarction.

  • Lemon and orange paste. Lemon and orange wash well in running water, pour over boiling water and grind in a meat grinder or blender, without removing the peel. Released juice must be drained, the paste should be thick. Add 1 tablespoon of natural honey. After a meal, you should take the paste in one teaspoon (3-4 times a day).
  • Lemon-garlic mix with honey. Honey, lemon and garlic mix in the same proportions. Grind and mix with a blender. Garlic must be pre-cleaned, washed with lemon in running water and pour over boiling water, grind it right along with the peel. The resulting mixture should be stored in a cold and dark place, for example, in the refrigerator and take one teaspoon every day.

To improve blood circulation, use the following products:

  • Mustard saretsky. A person taking mustard baths or putting mustard plasters improves blood circulation and protects himself against stroke.
  • Fresh ginger root. You can add it in powdered form to tea or any other drink. The resulting drink improves cerebral circulation.

To restore the strength of vessels suitable infusion of colza:

  • Colza grass Dried plants need to pour boiling water in a ratio of 1:20 and let stand on the light in a glass dish for 1 hour. Drink half a glass 4 times a day.

Cerebral Stroke prevention with natural remedies does not cancel consultation with the doctor about their use, only then the result will be positive.


How to avoid a stroke, you need to think long before the retirement age. The sooner the measures against stroke are applied, the stronger the protection against it will be. “Primary & Secondary Prevention of Stroke | The Truth About HEALTHY BRAIN“ Prevention and treatment should be aimed primarily at preventing and recognizing the first signs. It is necessary to avoid everything that can lead to this serious illness. Let the illness pass you by, and let the head “hurt” only about where to spend the next weekend.

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