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Does Yoga Tone Your Body and Make You Skinny? 12 Steps To Reduce Hip Fat

Weight Loss Yoga

Does Yoga Tone Your Body and Make You Skinny? 12 Steps To Reduce Hip Fat: Over the winter you have a small tummy angefuttert? No problem, thank God you can hide that even under oversized sweaters. But not for long, because before we know it is already spring and most of us want to present ourselves with a defined body.

The good news is that you do not have to  bother with  High Intensive Interval Training , even though you can burn up to 1,000 calories per session here. Even with yoga, you can get your body in shape!

Yeah, right. Butt-ass, biceps and six-pack are also available through yoga exercises that also help you to relax. We’ll show you the five best yoga exercises for losing weight.

Does Yoga Tone Your Body and Make You Skinny? 5 Steps To Reduce Hip Fat

1. The bow

Yogie bow

How To Do This Yoga Exercise:

Lie flat on your stomach, your arms are next to your body. Now you bend your legs and cover your back with your hands. Now lift the thighs and upper body off the ground. To do this, press your feet against your hands and shift your weight to the middle part of the body. Hold the tension for a few seconds and then hang up again. Breathe in when setting up, when putting off.

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How it Works:

In this yoga exercise , the entire shoulder and chest muscles are stretched. You stretch your spine, strengthening the upper back muscles and training your arms and thighs. The prone position also massages your internal organs and your diaphragm opens. This leads to a deeper breathing.

2. The cobra

Yogauebung Cobra

How To Do This Yoga Exercise:

Lie flat on your stomach, arms at an angle next to your upper body on the mat, hands at about shoulders. Pull the elbows close to the body. The feet are hip-width apart. Now slowly push your upper body away from the mat with your arms. Make sure your back is taut and you pull your navel inward towards the spine. The shoulders remain low, the view is forward. Your head is the extension of your spine. Press yourself into the maximum stretch and hold the tension for a few seconds.

How it Works:

Above all, the cobra strengthens your butt and makes for a real bubble butt. The flexibility of your spine is also being trained, as you will have to go through it completely for this exercise. So your upper body stays upright. As he is supported by your arms, your arms are also stretched.

The yoga exercise also supports your internal organs: the kidneys are well supplied with blood. In addition, the digestive organs are activated by the massage.

3. The upside down board

Yogau Plank

How To Do This Yoga Exercise:

Sit upright on the yoga mat and stretch out your legs. You lay your hands on the floor behind your back, with your fingers pointing backwards. Now you raise the pelvis until your body forms a straight line, and let your head hang backwards. Stretch your whole body like a board and hold the position for a few seconds.

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How it Works:

The yoga exercise looks easier than it is. It stretches the entire front of your body and strengthens both the wrists and ankles by supporting it. The entire spine is stretched and your shoulders open. By keeping the legs together, but also your buttocks muscle must work pretty well! A great exercise for a sexy butt!

4. The upturned chair

Yogau Revolving Chair
Does Yoga Tone Your Body and Make You Skinny? Shocking Views

How To Do This Yoga Exercise:

Relax, your legs are hip-width apart, your arms hang loose. Your back stays straight. Then imagine that behind you is a chair that you want to sit on. To do this, you go into the bend – make sure that your knees do not reach over your toes. Bring the butt deep. Turn your torso to the right, right arm outstretched and straight to the ceiling, your left arm down to the floor, creating a line. The palms face inwards. Hold the position for a few seconds, then change the page.

How it Works:

This yoga pose trains your whole body musculature and thus helps to a better attitude. Especially thighs and buttocks, but also calves, lower back, hips and hocks are required here. At the same time you stretch your shoulder and chest muscles. In the internal organs, the liver and heart are massaged.

5. The warrior

Yogau Revolving Chair
Does Yoga Tone Your Body and Make You Skinny? Shocking Views

How To Do This Yoga Exercise:

Stand straight, legs open hip-width, arms hanging loosely down the side of your body. Take a lunge back with your left foot and bend your right leg. Make sure your knee does not stick over your toes. Just leave the rear leg straight, turn the foot off. Next time you breathe in, take both arms straight up. They always stay parallel to each other, their shoulders stay low. Your palms point inwards. Hold the tension and then change the side.

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How it Works:

This exercise especially strengthens your arm muscles. By extending your spine through your arms, you strengthen your back. The thigh and leg muscles are also trained in this exercise.

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