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Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly -breast malignancy

Breast cancer

Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly -breast malignancy: Breast cancer in recent years, endangering female sexual health one of the greatest scourges, as well as gynecological diseases in the clinical high incidence of cancer, for breast disease in their daily lives all of us. Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly -breast malignancy.  must be a lot of attention and understanding, do a regular Breast examination, in order to achieve early detection and early treatment, then, let us take a look at the common breast cancer treatment methods? Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly -breast malignancy.

Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly:

1. For the treatment of breast cancer, doctors will use surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, biologically targeted therapy, and Chinese medicine adjuvant therapy according to the stage of the tumor and the physical condition of the patient. Surgery plays an important role in the diagnosis, staging and comprehensive treatment of breast cancer. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation to destroy the growth and reproduction of cancer cells, to control and eliminate cancer cells. Surgery and radiotherapy are all local treatments. ‘Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly -breast malignancy’

2. Chemotherapy is a treatment method that uses anticancer drugs to inhibit cancer cell division and destroy cancer cells, referred to as chemotherapy. Endocrine therapy is to use drugs or remove endocrine glands to regulate the body’s secretory function and reduce the secretion of endocrine hormones, so as to achieve the purpose of treating breast cancer. Molecular targeted therapy is one of the most active research fields in recent years. Compared with chemotherapeutic drugs, it is a new anti-tumor therapeutic with multiple mechanisms of action.

3, Chinese medicine treatment of tumors emphasizes the principle of regulation and balance, restore and enhance the body’s resistance to disease, so as to achieve the purpose of yin and yang balance treatment of tumors. Chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, targeted therapy, and Chinese medicine treatment are all systemic treatments. During the treatment, the doctor will take into account the patient’s local treatment and systemic treatment, seek a cure for early and mid-stage breast cancer patients, prolong life and improve quality of life for advanced patients.

4, breast-conserving surgery has strict surgical indications, and currently not all breast cancer patients can perform breast-conserving surgery. Breast cancer patients who are not suitable for breast-conserving surgery also need to remove the breast, and the doctor can reconstruct the breast using plastic surgery techniques. Breast reconstruction can be performed using autologous tissue reconstruction or prosthesis reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can be performed at the same time as the tumor removal surgery, or after the treatment is completed, the reconstruction results are normal when the review results are normal.


If we want to stay away from the disease in our lives, we must establish a good lifestyle, adjust the pace of life, and maintain a good mood. Adhere to physical exercise. ” Treatment of Breast Cancer in the Elderly -breast malignancy”  actively participate in social activities, usually develop eating habits such as meat, fried eggs, butter, cheese, sweets, eat less salted, smoked, fried, baked food, increase the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits and so on.

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