Weight Loss Exercise Home, Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs, weight loss exercise tips, weight loss exercise vs diet, weight loss exercise during periods,

Weight Loss Exercise Home | Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs

Weight Loss Exercise

Weight loss exercise home | Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs: Easy to thin and thin at home. Nowadays, no matter what weight loss method is easy to rebound, the only way to lose weight is to be the best artifact in the weight loss world. Weight loss exercise home | Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs Only when you really lose weight through exercise can you not fear the rebound and have a good body. The following is a super-simple weight-loss exercise organized by a weight Loss coach. It is easy and effortless to lose weight and move quickly. Weight loss exercise home | Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs

What is weight loss exercise?

Weight Loss Exercise Home, Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs, weight loss exercise tips, weight loss exercise vs diet, weight loss exercise during periods,

Weight loss exercise is a kind of aerobic exercise. The reason why it is suitable for weight loss is that it is a good aerobic exercise, but also because it is a whole body exercise, which does not aggravate the local burden of the body, leading to negative effects such as thick legs or hip hypertrophy. And can increase the mobility of the joints and strengthen the flexibility of the body. Long-term persistence not only can play a role in weight loss, but also can regulate muscles, make the curve more beautiful, and the mental state is better.

How To Choose The Right Weight Loss exercise in home

Weight Loss Exercise Home, Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs, weight loss exercise tips, weight loss exercise vs diet, weight loss exercise during periods,


When choosing a weight loss exercise, it is best to exercise freehand, which is less difficult and relatively safe when exercising. If you are willing to challenge yourself, you can also choose to use the soft-feeling dumbbells as a prop to lose weight, increase the difficulty of practice, in order to get better weight loss. With the background music, it is best to disco style, it can mobilize the emotions. While doing weight loss exercises, reduce the intake of high-calorie foods, which can achieve twice the result with half the effort.

Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs Tutorial:

Weight Loss Exercise Home, Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs, weight loss exercise tips, weight loss exercise vs diet, weight loss exercise during periods,

Follow The Following Weight Loss Exercise home:

  1. Standup:  Raise your arms to the top of your head and then stick your hands together. Swing your body from side to side. At this time, the abdomen is tightened, the legs cannot be bent, and the legs should be straight. 
  2. Straighten Forward Your Arms:  Straighten forward and raise your arms to the same height as your shoulders. Focus your abdomen, swing your arms to the side of your body and slowly rotate. Be careful to exhale when you rotate, and then inhale when you return to the original position. Practice the same action for 30 seconds in the opposite direction. ‘Weight loss exercise home | Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs’
  3. Lift Your Arms: with the palms of your hands, still attached, lift your arms to the position above the body, then slowly lower your arms. Do the same in the opposite direction. Be careful to adjust your breathing and straighten your arms as you ascend and descend. 

Weight Loss Exercise Tips:

Be sure to adjust your breathing when practicing this set of exercises, which will help maintain your rhythm. Whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening, it is suitable to practice this weight-loss exercise, especially in the afternoon, to prevent fat accumulation, keep the fat in a burning state, and eliminate the sleepiness, which helps to improve the mental state. if you compare weight loss exercise vs diet Then Weight loss Exercise will win.

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Weight loss exercise II

Leg rowing 


Place the mat in front of the body and the dumbbells on the mat. Then slowly move your body closer to the mat so your hands can grab the dumbbell. The legs are still in their original position when the body is in a semi-prone position. 2. Grab the dumbbell with your right hand and lift it in a circular motion. While slowly raising the height of your left leg to the buttocks, keep this action for a few seconds before lowering your right and left feet. Repeat the exercise by exchanging actions. You can Do This Weight Loss Exercise During Periods.

Chest back extension 

Bend your knees, lie on the mat, then put your hands behind your body and hold them tight. Straighten the upper body and raise your head, then press the hand holding each other down, so that the shoulder is slightly lowered, but the back cannot be bent, the head cannot move, and then the chest is raised, keep this position 3~ 6 breaths of time. 2. Release your hands and put them in front of the abdomen, then straighten forward and bend back. At this time, the back has a tendency to move backward. Keep this position for 3~6 breathing time and repeat the practice. 3 times. 

Calf and thigh stretching 

Stand in place, then take the left leg one step forward, with the center of gravity moving forward, between the legs, and then put your hands on the left leg knee. At this time, the knees of the left leg are curved, the toes are facing straight ahead, and the toes of the right leg are also facing straight ahead. 2. Straighten your left leg, then bend your waist so that the upper body moves forward and downward, and gradually close to the left leg until your palm can be placed on the ground, keeping this position for 6-8 seconds. Legs exchange action exercises.

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Weight Loss Exercise Three Heads Surrounded

Step1: The feet are naturally standing, the elbows are bent and the upper arm is grasped at the back of the head. The closer the position is, the higher the difficulty is, and the individual ability can be adjusted. Then take the chin close to the chest, from the number of 1 to 8 in the mouth, count the sound to help maintain a smooth breathing during exercise, so as not to be too difficult to move the suffocating. 

Step2: Maintain the chin, extend the body to the top of the head, and slowly pull back with both hands. The angle of pulling back does not need to be reluctant. As long as you feel the squat, the central part of the shoulder blade and the side milk have a pulling effect, it will maintain the action. And from the number of 1 to 8 in the mouth. Repeat actions 1 and 2 for a total of 10 to 15 times. Do not do more than 3 groups per day. Tips for weight loss: The closer the position of the upper arm is to the upper hand, the higher the difficulty is, and the individual ability can be adjusted. Pay attention to those with fifty shoulders or hunchback symptoms. The movement should be slow and the angle of action should not be too large. 

Side bend: 

Step1: Sitting on the chair with a pair of knees and a towel, hands clasping the upper arm in the back of the head, and the body extends to the ceiling. The preparatory movement is the same as that of the thin abdomen. The upper body and the thigh and knee are both 90 degrees, and the inhalation is prepared. 

Step2: Exhale from a small mouth, from 1 to 8, the body slowly bends to the left side, the hips on both sides do not leave the seat cushion, and the side angle should not exceed 30 degrees, so as not to be too large and arched, not only easy to be injured but also unable to reach the side. waist. Then inhale deeply, from 1 to 8, slowly return the body to the preparatory position, repeating this continuous action 10 to 15 times. 

Step3: Repeat the left side bend 10 to 15 times, then change the right side bend, also from 1 to 8, and then slowly exhale, the body slowly bends to the right side, the hips are not off the seat cushion, repeat 10~15 times, do 3 groups each day.

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Weight Loss Exercise Tips:

Weight Loss Exercise Home, Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs, weight loss exercise tips, weight loss exercise vs diet, weight loss exercise during periods,

Reasonably arrange exercise time:

The time for exercise is also very important, and exercise must be a good time plan. Generally, the air is relatively fresh in the morning, so the morning exercise is very good. After getting up in the morning, you can wake up and wake up the energy of the day. In addition, the afternoon is also a time suitable for exercise, but in the afternoon exercise should not be too intense, do not make yourself too tired, so as not to affect the study or sleep at night. 

Ample sleep after exercise is the key:

Insufficient sleepers absorb 300 more calories a day than normal sleepers. According to the body’s absorption of 3,500 units of calories, weighed a pound, these calories quickly converted into fat. Therefore, in addition to exercise, sleep should be sufficient to effectively lose weight. Gently stretch your body before going to bed to relax your muscles and your body will automatically enter the rest mode. There are many ways, the easiest is to stretch out, then watch TV, or move your body on the chair and bed before going to bed, crushing the muscle lumps. 


 Exercise weight loss has become more and more the trend of weight loss today. “Weight loss exercise home | Weight Loss Exercise For Thighs” is the most healthy and safe way to lose weight, and weight loss exercise has both the amount of exercise and the freedom of the venue, can learn at home, is mostly like home A must-have choice for home-based people. If you like This Article please do share this with your friends on social media.

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